11 Requirements for software tools

Establishment of a model that is to be integrated with other models requires requirements for computer tools that meet this. A recognized design tool must be used that satisfies given requirements:

T * here are no requirements for which software is to be used for models, but the supplier must choose software that gives Bane NOR license-free access. Web-based solutions that are installation-free are encouraged

  • The program and functions must be tested and tested in advance. Calculations performed by the program must be quality-assured and be documented on the basis of current ICT standards.
  • Quality: The accuracy of the display unit of the program must satisfy the requirements for input data.
  • Mobility: It must be possible to move in the model without time interruptions or delays.
  • Content structure: The program must be able to read all formats to be used in the project from all actors, without distortion or loss of data.
  • Deliveries of stitching data must be in a known format - Land-XML or KOF.
  • It must be possible to prepare drawings and sections of parts and the entire model as a section or in plan according to given drawing rules.
  • It must be possible to generate volume and mass calculations of the model.
  • The model must be able to be used for control when comparing the volume model and measured data of construction activity performed.
  • It must be possible to generate final documentation of the model and associated data.
  • Objects in the model should be able to carry information in the form of properties for description of properties, location, dates, operating instructions, supplier information, etc. for use in the tender description, FDV documentation and as data for the operating situation in Banedata.

In the absence of documentation or fulfillment of these requirements, the consultant's delivery can be seen as defective and not delivered.

3.11.1 Data security

All data files must be on the project's server and / or project hotel, so that everyone can have access to the same data. It should not work on private hard drives and directories. The exception is work journals that have no interest in others. All vital data in the project must be backed up daily. No changes shall be made to any professional models after the model has been completed, without a special agreement from the model manager. In this case, this must appear in the model log.

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