17 Reporting, documentation and archiving

Updates of basic data / planning material must be documented. Everyone in the project will be informed about such updates.

Reporting from advisers must be in accordance with the contract / agreement. Documentation shall not be sent directly from the consultant to the contractor without this having been agreed with the client / project. In all cases, the client must have a copy of the shipment.

  • Guidance should normally be integrated into the tool
  • In cases where this is not possible or the explanation that comes with the tool is too bad, a separate document is created called Guidance
  • Guidance includes a detailed description of what or how a tool such as a computer system or other type of tool should be used
  • Guidance may include requirements for the tool to be used correctly or for the result to be correct
  • Guidance must be linked to the activities stated in the management system

The revision field and header retrieve data from the document profile in the ProArc archive system. Fill in the document profile. These fields in the document do NOT need to be changed manually.

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