12 Drawings in addition to model

There is a need to make some drawings in addition to the model. Documentation in addition to the model will change as digital data can replace drawings and forms. The starting point is that all drawings are generated based on the plan model so that the interfaces between the drawings are taken care of.

A drawing can contain both schematic and floor plan. A schematic drawing shows functions and connections in the system, everything from track plans to electrical systems. There are separate subject-specific requirements for such schematic drawings, often with separate symbols as shown in the Symbol Library.

There will also be a need to make schematic drawings and detail drawings. (drawings not oriented in the coordinate system). These can be: tables, cable plans, connection plans, line layouts, line calculations, mast tables, yoke sketches, foundation tables and the like. These should be able to be generated as much as possible from the model.

Deliveries of documentation are in principle governed by the current contract or agreement.

The client has an expectation that the delivery covers the need for complete documentation within each subject. The delivery must contain sufficient information to be able to assess whether the content of the design meets all technical requirements and with a correct goal achievement. The accuracy must be within the framework of quality set in the given planning phase. Delivery must be checked through quality assurance before dispatch

The delivery must be made according to the project's PDP (Project-specific document handling procedure), and delivered in the coordinated formats that the project and the client can read and use in the further process.

Missing or poor delivery or documentation is considered «not delivered».

3.12.1 Rules for names of layers in drawings

Subject code should be the first part of the name of the team. Then the name must be categorized and detailed depending on the subject and object type according to the tables on the following pages. All «THEMES» must be referred to subjects Structure of team names in theme files:

* THEME_CATEGORY_DETAIL * _THEME and _CATEGORY (as indicated in the tables below) should not be changed.

If necessary, it can be supplemented with additional _CATEGORY. If more DETAILS are needed, this can be specified in each individual project.

Automatically generated teams should keep their names. This applies to objects made according to NS3451 building component table and the like Naming requirements only apply to teams that are manually named.

THEME Description
JBT General designation of railway technical layers in the drawing.
JBTEL Railway technical low voltage systems (NS 3451 (ELI) and NS 8351 are used where this is natural
JBTEH Railway technical high voltage system (50Hz high voltage system - not Catenary / current)
JBTJORD Railway technical grounding systems
JBTKL Overhead contact line system
JBTEF Track power supply system
JBTOB Superstructure
JBTTE telecommunications systems
JBTSI signaling system

Table shows codes for naming themes in team names

THEME Description
JBTEL_EKS Existing plant / object can be attached ex. by subject name. Here is an example of low voltage
JBTEL_PROSJ Shows a projected solution for telecommunications systems
JBTEL_ALT1 Shows different options for telecommunications systems (here option 1)
JBTEL_FASE10_SPV2_SSS Shows phase 10 for a switch 2 with a base in the log rail joint

Table showing examples of team name usage

3.12 2 Requirements for information in drawings

The mileage should be increasing from left to right.

Information in the title field:

  • Scale: Include which sheet format the scale refers to (A1). Many drawings are scaled up or down when copying
  • Drawing name must follow the subject code given in STY-605016 and Naming of design documents.
  • Revision: The first drafts of a drawing get revision 00, 01, 02, etc. The first official edition starts the revision at 00 again, and at the same time gets the letter A (00A) added.

All previous editions are removed from the revision field. The next revision will be 01A, 02A, etc. The letter A applies to concept / solution proposals (report, master plan, detailed plan and building plan). Drawings prepared for the tender basis are given the letter B (B revision). Job description and working drawings get revision letter C (C revision). There are also separate provisions for what information must be stated on plan maps prepared in accordance with the Planning and Building Act, see Guide to the Map and Planning Regulations and National Product Specification for Area Plan and Digital Plan Register.

Other information / endorsements:

  • North arrow (preferably near the title field so that it appears on the front when folding the drawing)
  • Grid and / or scale ruler
  • Coordinate system: - for example: «Horizontal: EUREF89 / NTM Zone 10, Vertical: NN2000»
  • Source reference (name of owner / licensee for map data) - for example: «Source: Geovekst», Source «Oslo kommune»

3.12.3 Quality assurance

All subject models and drawings must be updated at the same time. Designers must review the procedures for quality assurance of the content. If no other quality assurance methods have been agreed, the underlying points must be used:

Prepare control plan afterSTY 600189 Instruks for utarbeidelse av kontrollplan.

  • Use of professional checklists.
  • Interdisciplinary review of model and drawing production.
  • Simultaneous revision, delivery and publication of profit models and drawings.
  • Review and signing of the work together with controlling and approving digital deliveries. Signature / electronic signature is applied to the version handling table.

No changes must be made to the model after the project has given it the status approved. The implementation of the quality assurance must be documented and follow the project.

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