14 Control of production

The model can be used for the reference of control and approval of the location and extent of various elements and objects in the facility. Based on measurement data of the built elements and objects, a geometric quality plan is created that describes different intermediate and projected elements.

Stated deviations and tolerances appear in contract documents and in technical regulations, or other related documents.

Measured data is provided by the contractor as «KOF» files where the objects are coded according to the agreed object code list.

In addition to «KOF» files, a printout of the calculated deviation will be provided in the form of a geometric control report. Differences that are outside the tolerance requirements must be marked out.

If the measurements show that an object has been built outside the tolerance requirements, the contractor must send a deviation report to the client. The client decides whether the relevant professional model is to be revised. The consultant may assume that all delivered «as built» measurements have been approved by the client.

Measurements must be sorted into the following categories:

  • As built control points within tolerance requirements. Requires no revision of model. Objects automatically get «as built» status.
  • Which built control points outside tolerance requirements, but which is approved by the client. Automatically leads to revision of the model.

Approved «Som Bygget» objects are checked based on the result model and collected in a new model. The model must be made available to the client and used for visualized control of «as built» status of the project.

Some deviations outside tolerance requirements can be considered by designers as «acceptable for the As Built Model». In this case, the model is not revised. The use of acceptable deviations shall not reduce the quality of which the model was built in accordance with. further use in operational phase or future redesign.

  • As built measurements of new or finished objects without plan data, used by designers to create new «as built» objects in the model.
  • Measurement of existing facilities. The client and designer agree on what may be modeled.

If «as built» measurements entail changes that are important for the further construction, the original model must be revised and sent out as a plan change.

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